Kick that habit for good

  • Improve quality of life
  • Relaxation, stress reduction, better sleep
  • No cravings or withdrawal
Fact: Nicotine consumption causes energetic disturbances that manifest primarily in the areas of the brain and spleen.
Fact: The stop smoking protocol - based on years of research conducted in cooperation of ONDAMED practitioners - identifies these disturbances. And using the ONDAMED biofeedback system, these disturbed areas can be biophysically harmonized into a healthy regulated state, thus enabling patients to live a smoke free life.

ONDAMED works with a specific protocol that utilizes finely tuned biological frequencies. The protocol helps reduce addictive patterns, relaxes and strengthens overall well-being.  ONDAMED has consistently achieved astounding rates of

"I smoked 20 cigarettes a day for 23years. After a 1 hour ONDAMED session, I have no hunger for nicotine, no sense of abstinence and absolutely no desire to smoke" ~M. Moller-Johansen, Denmark

"It's crazy, I am not smoking and have no desire to smoke!  After one session with ONDAMED I stopped a 30 year habit." ~L. Borghi, Norway

"In only 1-3, 45 min sessions, 95% of our clients stop smoking." ~D. Andreassen, Therapist, Denmark.

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