Michele L. Moelder C.N. FLTCP certified in ONDAMED Technology

Cutting edge technology from Germany. ONDAMED is an FDA registered device that sends modulated electromagnetic frequencies to encourage the return of your body to homeostasis. 
ONDAMED is based on the principal of electro-magnetic induction.  The device produces a highly focused pulsed electro-magnetic field that penetrates deep into a targeted region of the body to "jump start" cellular activities.  The ONDAMED system complements other treatments such as pharmaceuticals, supplements or other therapeutic modalities; patients respond faster and the effects are longer lasting.

Using your pulse, the practitioner is able to determine which frequencies a body requires at each session, and then apply those frequencies in a therapeutic session.  This is not a diagnostic tool.  It is a unique device that rapidly scans the body's preferences and delivers those frequencies, thereby supplying what each individual requires to move towards homeostasis.  Therapists in Europe have been using this technology for over 9 years with great success.  Patients and practitioners using ONDAMED have reported benefits on all levels of well-being, physical, emotional, and mental.

How does this work in layman's terms?
Every cell, organ and system in the body has a vibration to it.  The body you could say is like an orchestra.  When it is healthy it is in tune.  When inflammation, injury, and disease inhabit the body, you can then say that it is out of tune.  So the question is, how can we help it to get tuned or balanced again?  The ONDAMED is designed to assess the frequencies in your body, at the same time the practitioner is feeling your pulse.  When a velocity change in the pulse is felt while this assessment is taking place, that frequency has is entered into the computer and saved. When all have been assessed the whole treatment can then take place.
What does this include? 
A non-invasive therapy where an applicator is placed either around the neck, or area of complaint.  Either sitting or laying down.  Very relaxing and rewarding.  Most people see results in 4-6 sessions. 
Sessions take place in nutritional offices next to Health Beat 218 Main St. Johnson City

Call our team of practitioners for more information or set up an appointment. 607-798-1630
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